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Solar Energy for Hudson, WI

Solar HouseStep 2 - Improve your home's energy efficiency:

Once you have had a Home Performance Test, you should be aware of the critical places where you can most improve your home's energy efficiency.

The next step is to actually implement some or all of the recommended improvements. Rock & Tait Exteriors is experienced in making your home more energy efficient.

An energy efficient house will compliment your solar energy system goals and make it more affordable. Every $1 spent on energy efficiency = $3 - $5 on installed solar!

Whole House Approach

Our Whole House Approach can save you a lot of time, money and headache by making improvements in the right order.

For instance, your Home Performance Test may show that you can improve the insulation in your attic for better energy efficiency.  If you were planning on re-roofing your house, this is the perfect time to address your attic insulation while the roof is torn off and there is easy access.

Another example is side wall insulation.  Siding your home is the perfect time to add insulation in your walls

And remember, in the context of adding a solar energy system, all of the improvements will result in every $1 spent on energy efficiency = $3 - $5 on installed solar!

What Next?

Read on to Step 3 to learn how a solar site assessment can help you plan out your solar project.

Please let us know if you have any questions about energy efficiency and solar power products and services.

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